The Istria Times Sinke

As you open the window, you see a beautiful valley that surrounds Mirna River. Thick forest spreads across the landscape, while in the distance; you see the old town of Motovun. Indeed, Istrian peninsula can awe in a second, and nobody doubts that vacation on its soil provides a truly unique experience. Moreover if the window belongs to a classy Istrian villa, that enriches your stay and assures your comfort during holiday.

The name of the estate is Casa Gradinje, named after the settlement in which it can be found. Built in tradition with Istrian architectural identity, the large house was constructed in 1898 and is currently in ownership of Buzet resident Barbara Marinac. “Initially, it was nothing more than a neglected building that I bought for renovating. Thanks to assistance of designer Boris Ruzic of BR Design, we made a complete makeover,” Barbara explained to Croatia Times source. “At the same time, we respected the urban environment of Istria, so the updates didn’t ruin the vibe of genuine local home.”

This classy Istrian villa is available for rental, and numbers 85 square meters in size. The interior consists of kitchen and dining room, with two bedrooms and bathrooms, each on its own floor. The immediate outdoors offer an impressive terrace and a pool area.

“Guests have changed in recent years. Having a pool is not enough, they really care about the residential design and one’s effort won’t come unnoticed,” Ruzic explained. “I’m happy that some of holiday houses that I worked on quickly became popular, and are perceived as genuine design-destinations.”

“I don’t perceive myself as a fan of a single style or a single material. In my work, you’ll see a lot of play with colors and textures, and I tend to experiment with bonding things that usually aren’t bonded,” Ruzic concluded, happy that every centimeter of Casa  Gradinje is aimed to relax and provide its residence with freedom of movement.

Visit the estate’s official website and do consider having a stay in beautiful Istria region.

Photo: Level 52