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In the tiny Istrian village of Veliki Vareski, one can find a gorgeous estate. Surrounded with thick forests and gorgeous olive groves, it might be just the thing you need for your summer vacation.

„We wanted to make a house that will differ from the usual options in Istria,” said members of Radolovic family, who own the residence. “It’s not enough to add pool next to the building. We wanted our guests to feel the emotion and have an experience of being in Istria. That is why Villa Campi, a name we gave to our estate, works as a self-sufficient resort surrounded with beautiful nature.”

The villa features impressive 280 square meters of interior. The pool is heated and equipped with hydro-massage bench. As for sport terrains, guests can use their own tennis court, golf course, basketball and several other disciplines. An old oak in the yard has a tree house on its strong branches, as well as a children’s slide. For family vacation, Villa Campi really provides a great setting.

“The residence was made with co-operation of Valter Kostesic, one of the leading experts in Istria architecture,” the owners note. “We wanted Campi to be connected with the environment. It is a home that welcomes its inhabitants in a special way, providing them with a sense of hospitality and elegance.”

“We weren’t obsessed with one style, though. We mixed different approaches, but in a way that they don’t interfere with each other. They are all conducted to provide our guests with sense of pleasure of being in Villa Campi.”

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Photo: Foto Festival