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In one of our recent posts, we explained the value of traditional cookies to Croatia, and why knowledge of their preparation has to be culturally preserved. Today, we are making one step further, bringing you a Pazinski Cukerancic recipe. Learn how to make this delicious Istrian cookie in the coziness of your home and impress guests with your own Croatia-delicacy-baking skills.

What You Will Need







Sunflower Oil

Vanilla Sugar

Grated Orange and Lemon Skin

Pazinski Cukerancic Recipe

This recipe might seem weird at certain steps, as instructions are quite old. They include archaic ingredients that have modern substitutes. But don’t worry. We have everything covered for you.

Back in the old days, butter was not always easy to buy or make, so pork fat was used instead.  Take a bowl and mix eggs with sugar and aromatic ingredients. Put some milk next to open flame (or just heat it up in the stove). Add some ammonia, usually acquirable from a drug store, and the milk will become foamy shortly. Insert some to flour and other ingredients, mixing them into dough. Leave this mixture for two hours on a cold spot, and treat them as if they were gnocchi. Cut them in longish shapes and form them to resemble a tree branch.

In old Istrian homes, these soon-to-be cookies would be left on a brick next to the open flame. They would be covered with iron bell called peka, which would additionally be covered with a layer of burning ashes. In case you don’t have access to this old baking equipment, we suggest you simply put them in the oven for 15 minutes on the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Leave them to cool down for a few minutes, and then cover them with sugar.  An old trick is to take a glass of white wine, such as malvasia, and dip one side of the cookies into it. Leave them to dry overnight, and enjoy the taste in the morning.

Dobar tek!

Photo: Goran Sebelic / Hanza Media