The Istria Times Sinke

The anticipated tourist zone ‘Monte Mulini’ has finally been established in beautiful City of Rovinj. The long-awaited endeavor of Adris Grupa business center has reached its final phase, making the Champion of Istrian Tourism even more desirable destination for vacation in Croatia. The grandiose opening of Grand Park Hotel Rovinj can be seen as the pinnacle of this project, the luxurious site already accepting first guests in its glamorous interior. This is the beginning of a magnificent tale.

The construction of Grand Park Hotel Rovinj begun in 2017 and was perceived as a strategic interest on national level. A part of Maistra Collection brand and having five-star quality of service, this hospitality site has 193 rooms and 16 suites. It can accommodate up to 500 guests that can enjoy view of the sea and historical core of Rovinj. About quarter of the rooms have the so-called ‘plunge pool’ facilities, small private pools that have hydro-massage devices installed. Visitors of the hotel can also enjoy large outdoor terraces and are just a short walk from Rovinj streets themselves.

Interestingly enough, the entrance lobby and facilities such as pools and congress halls are all situated on highest levels of the hotel. Accommodation is located beneath these, according to plan of local architectural studio 3LHD that proudly stands behind hotels Lone, Adriatic and Mulini Beach Site.  All of these are well-known localities on Adriatic coast that greatly contributed to image of Croatia as superb destination for summer visit.

Fancy becoming a guest of Grand Park Hotel Rovinj? Have a sneak peek of its features in our image gallery below and consider booking your stay. Check out the official website and plan your classy stay in Croatia. Rovinj waits for you, ready to provide with a fantastic experience that will make hundreds of fascinating summer memories.

Photo: Adris Grupa