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Sometimes, a lovely dusk is all the photographer needs to make a perfect image. Such are pictures made by our photo-artist Goran Sebelic who filmed the gentle play of sunrays above Uljanik Inlet. The large cranes of local shipyard greatly added to the scenery, as well as small fisherman boats that charmingly wait for their owners on the sea surface.

Uljanik Inlet

For several years, Croatian shipbuilding industry is going through the crisis. The long tradition of vessel construction is jeopardized by strong competition and unstable global economy. Maybe the relaxing atmosphere surrounding the shipyard is a glimpse of more pleasant times arriving.

Uljanik Inlet is a small locality in Pula Bay. The name is derived from the word ulje, meaning ‘oil’ in Croatian language. This is because the tiny island was filled with olive trees in the past, being a vital for local oil production. Although Pula has an entire museum dedicated to craft of making olive oil, only one tree remained on Uljanik inlet- a symbol of what the place used to be in past.

Uljanik INlet

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Photo: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX