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This year, Porec is a hometown of Swatch Major Series. It is a notable sport event that gathers numerous players of Beach Volleyball, one of the leading names being Liliane Maestrini. The Brazilian athlete fell in love with Istrian town, as can be read in our small chit-chat with her below.

How did you begin to play volleyball?
It is a family influence. From my father’s side, they were all volleyball players or swimmers. I really fell in love with volleyball. I started to play indoor volleyball in Espírito Santo (state where she was born). I went to beach volleyball only when it had a renovation project in Brazilian Confederation, in Saquarema (city in Rio de Janeiro state). In my first year at the beach, I won the World Championship Under-21 and the Olympiad of Lusophony.

What does volleyball mean to you in life?
It is my profession. We do nothing but volleyball. It is all day. We live and breathe the volleyball.

What are the biggest successes in your career?
A very important achievement was the bronze medal at World Cup, the second most important competition after Olympic Games. I won medals in all competitions, except in Olympic Games: World Championship, World Cup, South-American Championship, Brazilian Championship, Olympiad of Lusophony…

Once the balls are stored, how is Lili enjoying her free time?
I like cinema very much, theater…quieter things. We train a lot, we wear out a lot. So we need these moments of rest.

How do you like Porec?
I love Porec. Is one of the most beautiful cities of the World Tour. Porec is really very beautiful. The people here help a lot. They are very helpful. It is a tourist place here. A lot of people watch the tournament. The games are always crowded. This is very cool. The sea is incredible. The weather in the city is good. It’s a light climate. So is very nice play here.

How do you perceive Croats? Are they different from Brazilian people?
The brazilians are very receptive, and the Croats are also being with us here. I felt at home.   


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