The Istria Times Sinke

The last few days were very rainy in Istria Region. As such, they weren’t a dream come true to local vineyard harvesters. However, the sun finally returned above Croatia’s largest peninsula, allowing the hard-working locals to proceed with their outdoor activities. As already announced by Croatia Times, lovers of Croatian wines can expect a lot from this year’s products. The season was harsh, but won’t leave anyone’s throat dry. Harvest of Novigrad commenced without any issues.

But making wine isn’t easy, and involves a lot of knowledge and dedication. Luckily, working in pristine outdoors of Novigrad is very inspiring, and more of a pleasure than effort. The locals spend hours picking up grapes, preparing them for upcoming steps in the local vineries. Interestingly enough, some providers of agro-tourism services even allow their guests to partake in the harvest. For people living in modern urban environments, it is a day full of excitement and outdoor physical activity.

Check out what harvest of Novigrad looks like in our image gallery below. The vineyards photographed belong to Agrolaguna Company, which will surely contribute to Croatian wine charts with great bottles in the future.

Photo by: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX