The Istria Times Sinke

We know- you plan to spend some time sunbathing on Croatian beaches. But it’s hard to keep the bronze tone of your skin for a prolonged time. Luckily, there are ways. Here are five tips on how to make that happen.

Make a Peeling before Sunbathing

Spare your skin from drying out and having those wrinkled parts. Have a peeling session before you go under the sun, and you should be successful at avoiding these issues. We also suggest you don’t stay long in the bath tube after sunbathing. If you shower, use mild, creamy and oil-based products, without cleaning sponges.

Use Epilator Instead of Shaver

A depilation is a smart move before going to the seaside, but epilators do much more for your tan than regular shavers. This is because the latter tend to remove the outer layer of skin, which isn’t something you’d want on the sunny beach. Acquire sugary paste during depilation, as it will make a gentle peeling and remove the expired cells from your skin.

Don’t Forget the Cream

It’s a very common trend, unfortunately. People stop using the sunscreen cream after they gain the desired ten. This is because they believe darkish tone adds to their protection, so they don’t need extra care. While this is true to some extent, experts agree that applying sun creams is still mandatory. Lack of their usage might cause your skin to age too soon, and give you early age spots in the future.

Shade Won’t Protect You

Relying on our previous tip, don’t think that being in shade will provide a perfect protection from the sun beams. About 85% of these reflect from sand, water and tree trunks, making you as vulnerable as being directly under the sun. A healthy skin that is not under pressure will certainly keep its beauty longer, so apply sunscreens even if in shaded environment.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Every prolonged exposure to sun rays causes it to lose its natural moisture. In order to counter this, you must hydrate your body after visiting beach, and keep doing so even in days after your vacation. It is suggested you use body lotions, especially those with aloe vera, shea butter, olive or jojoba extracts. These will soften the skin and provide you with a prolonged time of having a bronze tan.  Avoid products that contain cucumber, lemon and milk, as these contribute to skin whitening.

Bacvice is Ready for Summer

The Region of Istria is known for the quality of its beaches! Don’t hesitate to visit this part of Croatia, and enjoy (responsibly) its sunbathing sites.