The Istria Times Sinke

In the far south of Istrian Peninsula, one can find the beautiful Cape Kamenjak. Also known as Premantura, it is a gorgeous piece of Croatian land, featuring lovely beach localities and secluded coves. Lauded by the press across the globe, this destination can provide everything you ever wanted from a holiday in Mediterranean outdoors. From picturesque beaches that tenderly embrace the blue waves of Adriatic, to unique features such as dinosaur footprints in soil and endemic orchid flowers blooming across the landscape- all this can be experienced on the coasts of Kamenjak.

The cape itself numbers about 30 kilometers of the shoreline, but visitors can also explore the surrounding inlets. There are eleven of these in the vicinity, all being uninhabited and providing visitors with sense of intimacy and seclusion. Most of cape’s localities are fairly easily reached, but some places demand more effort, making them a perfect gateway from crowds and noises of modern world.

Although most of the cape’s nature is untouched, tourism has strongly developed in recent years. If being alone on the beach isn’t your thing, or can’t imagine being far away from the glass of refreshing drink, there are many spots with bars and restaurants. In other words, there’s something for everybody at this place. Fans of scuba diving will also have a great time, as the quiet underwater realms hide hundreds of plant and animal species, from small starfish to exotic shell dwellers.  Kamenjak has also been a habitat to Mediterranean Monk Seal, a relatively large marine mammal that unfortunately faces population decrease and might soon become extinct despite state protection.

The Istrian Peninsula has always been recognized as a prime vacation spot. Check out our image gallery of Beautiful Cape Kamenjak, and consider visiting this unique locality on Istrian shores.

Photo by Goran Sebelic / CROPIX