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As one of the champions of Croatian tourism, Rovinj is a city where one can discover both historical magnificence and natural splendor. Of course, the accommodation has to follow the level. Residence Rovinj&, a hotel opened in 2017, is more than ready to provide. Located in Stjepan Radic Street, this attractive locality is very close to city’s busy center and cozy beaches, but distant enough to spare its guests from crowds.

“Residence Rovinj&  has been constructed in a way to achieve supreme energy efficiency. It offers eighteen top-class rooms that feature modern and urban arrangement,” members of Ljutic family, that owns the spot, explained to Croatia Times source. “All rooms are technically smart, and can be accessed with magnetic cart. This also allows entrance to other hotel facilities, including private parking space.”

“The entire interior is one large non-smoking zone, yet visitors are free to enjoy tobacco on their balconies. A wireless internet connection is also available.”

Modern and of inviting nature, Rovinj& was planned by Zeljko Mohorovic of Metrocubo design studio. Trying to distance himself from what he called ‘naval colors’, he imagined a cozy interior that tenders contemporary approach and urban atmosphere.

“Rooms are situated on three different floors, and we decided to provide each of them with a distinctive personality. This was achieved by choosing different wallpapers and furniture. At the same time, the basic elements are shared among all rooms,” Mohorovic noted. “Wallpapers are very important, as they are easily maintained. And of course, that is a must in places that offer accommodation services. Plus, they always bring aesthetical warmth to interior.”

Book your stay on pleasant Istrian shores by visiting official website of Hotel Residence Rovinj&. Your unique vacation on Croatian coast is literally just a few clicks away. If you have already visited this Croatian destination, don’t forget to share your impressions in our comments section.