The Istria Times Sinke

The beautiful region of Istria is Croatia’s tourist gem, thanks to its lovely northern shores of Adriatic and picturesque inland villages. The accommodation follows the pattern, and grandiose Villa Gianno is the proof of what kind of class one can expect from staying on Istrian peninsula. You can find this impressive estate in the settlement called Rapavel, which is located next to Porec Town.

Owned by Zikovic family and jointly projected by companies Stok, Casa in and Visium 3D Graphics, Villa Gianno is every vacationer’s pure dream.  Spreading over 300 square meters, this recently renovated palace comes with private pool and arranged natural surroundings. Minimalistic approach doesn’t take anything away from the attractive building, but actually boosts its aesthetical features and notable design choices.

A lot of villa’s walls are actually made of glass, allowing natural light to spread through the interior. It has four bedrooms, each having its own bathroom, plus a large living room and a dining space with kitchen. Efforts has been invested in light ambient, thus Villa Gianno has almost 100 LED illumination devices that provide the residents with cozy environment during every evening. Additional 25 ground lamps have been positioned in exterior, underlining the beauty of outdoor surroundings. The garden has old olive trees, numbering three digits of age.

In addition of everything mentioned, guests can enjoy their own wellness zone that comes with hydro-massage bathtub and sauna facility.

“Our guests are usually families with children. The kids love to play outside, as we installed slides and trampolines for their enjoyment,” the owners explain, happy to have a lot of returning visitors. “We usually host foreign people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But people also come from United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Ukraine.”

Check out Villa Gianno in our image gallery below and consider making it your home-away-from-home in Croatian region of Istria.

Photo: Rajan Milosevic / Koridor27