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Nobody expects hard work on their vacation. But in some cases, such experience can be quite fulfilling and providing sense of achievement. Tourists of Istrian peninsula, for example, have an opportunity to harvest olives and spend an exciting day in beautiful outdoors.

The activity used to be experimental, but achieved such success that more than 700 tourists annually visit town of Novigrad just to partake in harvest.   Organized by Laguna Novigrad Hotel, a part of Aminess Hotels & Campsites, the event gathers visitors of all ages and backgrounds. They happily pick the green grapes in presence of musicians and local gourmet specialties.  The work is not without practical use. The harvested olives are used to produce exquisite oil of Vergal Brand, served in local hotels and restaurants. This Istrian product has won many awards, including the golden medal for quality provided by L’Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles in Paris. Vergal has also been included in Flos Olei 2019 guide, specialized for top-class olive oils on global level.

Neja Markicevic / CROPIX Agency

Olive harvest has become so popular that special tourist arrangements became available only for visitors that wish to pick up grapes. Later they are introduced to what follows the harvest- the process of making olive oil. This golden-colored liquid is a symbol of Mediterranean cuisine and has been a part of local industry since ancient times. At the end of the day, every tourist harvester is gifted with a bottle of Vergal oil. In a sense, it is something that they made with their own hands that day.

“This day managed to best all my expectations. The fantastic weather and hospitable people of Aminess have provided me with a magnificent experience,” said Klaudia from Germany, one of foreign harvesters. “Picking up olives next to Adriatic Sea, fantastic food, oil degustation and fantastic service… what to ask more? It is really a unique day on a gorgeous locality.”

If are eager to harvest olives in Istria, visit the official website of Aminess Hotels & Camps and arrange your stay in beautiful Novigrad groves.

Feature Photo: Laguna Novigrad