The Istria Times Sinke

Every year, the renowned Dimensions Festival reminds us that September is a great time to visit Croatia. The event gathers numerous visual and musical artists, and this year’s opening ceremony was much more than spectacular. The edition’s initial concert was provided by Grace Jones, one of the most influential women of rock scene and a supermodel known for extravagant fashion designs.

The Jamaican singer performed in the ancient amphitheater of Pula, probably the most scenic stage available in Croatia. Coupled with high-tech audio equipment, impressive lighting and fantastic outfits, the real-life diva proved once again that her legendary status was not earned without backing.

Grace Jones opened this year’s Dimensions Festival with a stunning success, and a glimpse of the atmosphere is available in our image gallery below. One can only imagine what surprises wait in the upcoming gigs, since the whole event started with such a remarkable concert.

Photo: Srecko Niketic / CROPIX