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On the eastern slopes of Ucka, one can find the romantic town of Lovran. Named after lovor, the popular spice westerns know as laurel, it is a place which immediately triggers thoughts of delight, tradition and enjoyment in life. We bring our list of four things to in Lovran , only a selection of many of the settlement’s traits.

Enjoy an Enchanted Medveja Beach                                               

The large pebble beach in the vicinity of Lovran is not just attractive place for swimming, but actually a site of historical importance. Or better say, mythological. According to Greek myth, the sorceress Medea was the first person to enjoy its gentle shores. This is how the beach got its name, so if you are a fan of old Mediterranean stories, you owe it to yourself to visit Medveja.

Attend Unique Workshops

Why not bonding education with your stay in Croatia? The much-loved Medical Wellness Center Ortosan offers some rather unique workshops, dealing with topics such as meditation or imaginative cooking. You will even learn how to make your own home-made cosmetics, all from natural ingredients. Some of these workshops last for several days, while others are only a matter of hours. A part of Lovran’s educational initiative, this wellness facility can be visited in neighboring town of Opatija.

Discover History and Spirituality in Church of St. George

A patron saint of Lovran is Sveti Jure (St. George) so it is not strange that its central Church is devoted in his honor. It was originally constructed in 12th century, with large architectural upgrades happening around every 300 years. The interior consists of beautifully carved altar and baptistery, and the Church also hosts a collection of religious vessels.

Explore The Coast of Villas

A promenade connecting Lovran with Ike has numerous villas, built in late 19th century. Some are constructed in the style of Venetian Gothic, while others were projected by renowned Austrian architect Carlo Seidl. A pleasant sight in any case, providing beautiful scenery for walking tours.

These were just four things to do in Lovran Town. What are your expectations from the settlement’s features? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Photo: Ortosan Medical Wellness Center


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