The Istria Times Sinke

Imagine a place where colors and materials reflect the narrow streets of a small urban settlement, as well as lavender fields and blue skies above. Such spot can be found in the small Town of Labin, and it is called Mirakul Residence. It is an attractive vacation spot owned by Daniela and Drazen Novak, a couple of business managers that begun a fruitful career in tourism.

But our tale doesn’t begin in Labin, though. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even begin with providing tourist services. Twelve years ago, Novaks acquired a piece of land in village of Ripenda Verbanci, which is about two kilometers away from Labin. They have begun to work in agriculture, making their own olive and lavender oils as well as salsa, ketchup, jams and syrups. In addition, they had their own line of cosmetic products and decorations.

Their small enterprise became so successful that they opened a new page in their business. Knowing that Istria is becoming one of the most vivid tourist locations in Europe, they invested their time and money into founding a hotel in Labin historical core. Thus, Mirakul Residence came to existence.

“Many who arrive to Labin are surprised with its looks,” the owners explained. “Just a few years ago, this Istrian town was known solely for its rich industrial history, especially its mining facilities. But once you go through its main gates Porta San Fior, you will discover cultural monuments, architectural feats and very inspiring atmosphere.”

Labin became a town of artists and galleries, with ateliers and workshops on every step. You may join this dedicated community during your vacation stay, and you won’t make a mistake by staying in Mirakul Residence for the occasion.

Located in 16th century building which is immediately next to main square, this hotel features rustic Mediterranean design. It has five rooms, each of them having private bathrooms. The last renovation took place in 2017, and was done under surveillance of conservatory experts from Pula. Thanks to talents of designer Roberta Razzi, the hotel successfully joins past with present, providing its guests with pleasant surroundings.

Learn more about Mirakul Residence on its official website, where you can also find booking options. Feel free to explore our image gallery of the place below.


Goran Sebelic / Hanza Media