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One of the most cherished grape kinds in Mediterranean region is bound to have a fruitful year. A glass of Malvasia wine won’t be a mistake during your visit to Croatia, although its production has some issues at the moment.

The Istrian region of Croatia is very important asset of the country’s wine offer. The local production is stable, and both critics and consumers are accustomed to quality. The harvests of 2015 and 2016 were exceptional; however last year’s draughts limited the full potential of vineyards.

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Thus production of Malvasia wine is partly challenged in its current generation. The experts however note that quality will be delivered, as proven by degustations of En Primeur that were organized in Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel. According to reports, one can expect somewhat more neutral and milder products, without high sourness levels and with taste that expires a note quicker than usual.

Despite the challenging year, Istrian skill in wine making is still in its full swing. Here is a list of wine brands that are definitely worthy of your attention: Arman Franc, Benvenuti, Bertosa, Damjanic, Dobravac, Fakin, Ferenac Bruno, Festigia, Frankovic, Kabola, Kozlovic, Poleis, Radovan and Terzolo.

Rene Karaman / Hanza Media

Ordering a glass of these wines is a guarantee of satisfaction and will provide you with unique experience of Croatian grapes.

Did you know that Croats have a custom of christening the wine? It is a comical practice that is supposed to turn young wine (most) into fully-recognized grape nectar. And for those who love cookies as much as wine, there’s a line of products for their liking as well. Finally, fans of Istria can also enjoy the hospitality of its recognizable wine hotel.

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