The Istria Times Sinke

American model and actress Eva LaRue is one of Croatia’s most famous tourist ambassadors. Globally known for her role of crime investigator Natalia Boa Vista in the renowned series ‘CSI:Miami’, Eva fell in love with Croatia and became one of the country’s active promoters on international scene. At the moment she is enjoying the hospitality of Stancija Meneghetti in the picturesque Istrian village of Bale.

“Croatia has the best wines, food and sights. It is a place on Earth that can always count on my visit,” Eva LaRue explained to Croatia Times source. “This is my fourth visit, since I am ambassador of Stories-Unique Luxury Hotels brand that gathers most attractive resorts of the kind in Croatia.”

Eva has visited numerous Croatian destinations, including Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Korcula, Hvar and Solta. “I went to these places with my daughter and we always had a magnificent time. People in United States often mention how beautiful their cruises of Croatian seas were, but I reply that it is just the beginning of what this country has to offer. One really needs to travel through Croatia, see those wine cellars, little hamlets… It is sensational.”

“Croatia is very safe, and cares a lot about environment. A lot of things can be seen and experienced, so there are always reasons to return.  For example, just now I missed the opportunity to go truffle seeking because the weather was bad. I hope I will do so once I return in fall.”

Eva LaRue likes Croatia so much that she expressed interest in obtaining the country’s passport. It would be suitable, since she became such recognizable lobbyist for Croatia’s tourist potentials. But the papers will probably have to wait, since she has just finished the filming of her new movie Orphan House with Jon Voight.

If you are choosing your next vacation spot in Europe, maybe you should follow Eva’s advice and schedule a voyage through Croatia. All forensic evidence suggests that you should.

Feature Photo: Danijel Bartolic / Hanza Media