The Istria Times Sinke
Photo by: Srecko Niketic / CROPIX

Every year, the small Istrian town of Tican hosts a remarkable event. It is called Legendfest, and following its name, it celebrates local legends, folktales and stories of the times long past. One can discover many unique beings and creatures during this festivity, thanks to costumed actors and colorful props. And for a moment, everyone feels as if being drafted between the pages of a old fable book.

The settlement itself has plenty of stories to tell. According to tradition, Saint Nicefor served as a bishop of Pican, and made impressive miracles during his lifetime. The town itself is quite old, and its surroundings hide more points of interest to vistors.

Legendfest peaked with its knight tournament games, where dozens of armored followers of chivalry showed their skills and impressed the audiences. Check out what the dreamy Istrian landscape looked like in our photo gallery below.