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Croatian food expert Radovan Marcic is in the constant search for great local restaurants. This time, his travels brought him to vicinities of Roc, a tiny Croatian village with history spreading for an entire millennia. There, he found Kolinasi, a traditional konoba offering exquisite meals and charming interior.

„The restaurant is somewhat secluded from the rest of the settlement, surrounded only with a couple of other houses, “ Marcic noted in his recently published review for Croatian online magazine Dobra Hrana. „Although I knew that Central Istria is a prime destination for food-loving people, my expectations were greatly exceeded by Kolinasi Konoba. “

As the reviewer arrived in springtime, the large open fireplace was still working, adding the sound of wood cracking in flame to already ‘domestic’ interior. “Luckily, there are no modern additions to Konoba Kolinasi dining space. It is as traditional as it can possible be.”

The meal begun with istarska supica, a kind of local soup, coupled with the tavern’s specialty bread. It was soaked in teran wine and olive oil and roasted on opened fire. Next was frittata with asparagus and prosciutto with cow cheese, followed with Istrian chicken goulash with gnocchi, stuffed ravioli and finally fuzi pasta covered with grated black truffles. All of these were made using local ingredients.

The owner added a traditional meat delicacy called omobolo and sausages with cabbage on the menu, both adding to reviewer’s impression. The salad came from the garden next to the road which leads to konoba. The dining was concluded with Istrian dessert dishes fristulas and krostulas, these coming in plum spread and eglantine versions.

Marcic noted that this family restaurant comes with fairly decent pricing range. From all the dishes mentioned in the review, only fuzi with truffles were exceeding 50 HRK /6.75 €. A rich selection of Istrian wines is also paired with affordable prices, making this konoba a very pleasing spot to visit.

If you are seeking a great restaurant in Istria, do consider visiting Konoba Kolinasi in Roc (Buzet). You can find it on address Kolinasi 13/1. The working hours are from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Tuesdays are the only days when the restaurant isn’t working, so plan your trip accordingly. Otherwise, be prepared for a real Istrian treat.