The Istria Times Sinke

Envisioned by Croatian designer Boris Ruzic, a gorgeous villa stands proud in the Istrian village of Rusnjak. Called Villa Lapieda, the estate is just next to Motovun town, which became largely known thanks to its annual movie festival. In many terms, it is a dream house, numbering 220 square meters of charming interior and over 2500 of private outdoors. Add an impressive pool with heating system, a large lounge zone with a dining area, and you will know why this locality is drawing so many looks.

The immediate surroundings are also noteworthy. Villa Lapidea is situated in the clearing of an oak tree forest and only a few other houses. After all, village Rusnjak has just a few residents.

Designer Boris Ruzic is very satisfied with his work. In accordance with villa’s owners, he decided to arrange it in rustic aesthetics, blooming with hospitality and sense of welcome. “The ground level features a large open space that connects living room with kitchen and dining area. The upper floor has two-bed sleeping rooms, each of them having its own bathroom.”

Villa Lapieda is a prime spot for a family to settle, but is also well-suited for a romantic gateway of a couple, or a larger company of friends who want to spend some time in Istrian landscapes. It is a great estate for leisure and relaxation.

“Today, Istrian houses are built in the so-called modern standard way of construction. The walls are made of bricks, which are then covered with layers of stone. That way, the residences are thermally isolated and keep their warmth, at the same time retaining the visual style of the region’s much-loved architecture.”

If Villa Lapieda seems as a place worthy of your stay in Croatia, schedule your arrival via its official website. Don’t hesitate to leave your impressions of the luxurious residence in our comments section below.

Photo: Rajan Milosevic / Level 52