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Every nine months or so, Croatian beaches become one of the most desired localities in the world. That isn’t much of surprise, as the buzz about the country’s beauty is constantly rising across the globe. Crystal clear sea is gathering thousands of visitors, some arriving as far as distant Asian Continent. The fact that you can see the bottom of the water you are swimming in says much about its cleanness, and the feeling of refreshment is as genuine as you can imagine.

But crystal clear sea is not the only feature of Croatian coast. Virtually every settlement in the region has a story to tell and landmarks to visit. For example, the photos used in this article were taken on one beach in Pula, a city that tracks its history back in times of Greek Legends. The settlement is widely known for its grandiose Roman amphitheater, which actually hosted gladiatorial battles in ancient times.

Because it provided home to legendary hero Jason and the crew of his ship Argo, Pula became known as the ‘city of fugitives’ in the era of Old Mediterranean. It was believed that whoever seeks refuge or tries to escape from something- can count on Pula to be the place of respite. It is a wonderful legend that probably inspires a lot of modern people. Because whenever you need a break from busy schedules or high temperatures, you can count on this Croatian Destination.

Check out what beaches of Pula and their surrounding crystal clear sea look like in our image gallery below. Feel free to contribute with your own photos by uploading them to our Facebook Wall, earning a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

Don’t forget that this city offers some other great things to experience, including an Olive Oil Museum.

Photo: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX