The Istria Times Sinke

In the inland territories of Opatija riviera, one can find the mountain range of Ucka. Dominating the eastern side of Istria, this gorgeous landscape has been given the status of Natural Park, and is under state protection of Croatia. But thanks to artist Boris Pecigos, wonderful sceneries are not the only thing to enjoy. There is a lot of land art in Ucka Nature Park, such as geoglyphs and labyrinths ready to be discovered.

Visitors are welcome to explore this unique bond of art and nature on the slopes of Cicarija Mountain, which is a part of the aforementioned Nature Park. A 6,5 kilometer long walking path connects artistic exhibits and provides the attendees with some gorgeous views. The track itself is not very physically demanding, and can be traversed in about three hours. Locals recommend longer walks so that you can get most of the experience.

Pecigos’ art pieces are imagined to note the relationship between humans and nature. Although the former usually influences the latter, it is not unwise to remind how related we are to the surrounding world and dependant to its premises.

Some of the land art installations include:  Vilinsko sijelo, or as one would translate it “The Fairy Seats”. It is a site where several stones were found in circular pattern, a locality that Istrian folktales usually tied to fairies living in the forest. Ljubavni Kamen, or “The Love Stone” is a heart-shaped piece of rock that has been decorated with paint, while Crveno Stablo, (“The Red Tree”) is a colored plant that underlines the negative impact of humans on natural world.

These are just a few pieces of land art in Ucka, with many more exhibits waiting to be found by visitors of this unique locality. If wishing to attend, be aware that there are two entrances to this track, one beginning next to park’s official infocenter and the other in vicinity of Dopolavoro restaurant. Feel free to visit the artist’s official website for more information, and have fun beneath the peaks of Cicarija.

Photos Courtesy of Boris Pecigos and used with permission.