The Istria Times Sinke

Istria has always been an important region for olive harvesting, as noted by old Greeks and Phoenicians. As a matter of fact, the production of Istrian olive oil in times of Ancient Romans was monitored by Emperor himself, and every drop was expected to be worthy of his dish. Following this approach, Chiavalon brothers from Croatia decided to continue the centuries-old tradition and return the somewhat neglected reputation of Istrian olive oils.

“After our father passed away, we inherited 30 olive groves and about 800 grapevines.  Initially, we wanted to make wine, but since the costs of building a cellar were quite high, we opted for olives. And we don’t mind that one bit,” Sandi Chiavalon explained to Croatia Times source. “It is actually amazing how people used to cherish olive oil in the past, but today we prepare food with that of dubious quality.”

The brothers founded their brand in 1997, and since then became an international sensation. They produce six kinds of olive oils, joining old crafts with modern technologies. Chiavalon has won many awards on the global level, and is appreciated by chefs of all culinary cultures. During World Best Olive Oils competition, their blend Ex Albis was proclaimed the 13th best organic oil on the planet.

The brothers have dedicated their products to their grandfathers, who lived largely in poverty, yet always cherished good food and fresh ingredients. “Our granddad Romano asked me to dive for some mussels merely hours before he passed away. That is how much he loved seafood.”

Annually, Chiavalon produces about 16 ton of olive oil, half of it being exported to foreign countries. Based on the reports, these Croatian products are highly demanded in Japan and Thailand. If it is available in your country, consider buying a bottle, and explore the rich tastes of this so-called ‘Istrian gold’.

You are also welcome to browse the official website of Chiavalon brand.

Feature Photo: Neja Markicevic / CROPIX