The Istria Times Sinke

Divers, rejoice! There are plenty of localities in Croatia on which you can practice your favorite activity. From the gentle coasts of Istria to sunny shores of Dalmatia, you are bound to have a fascinating experience below the Adriatic surface. In the south region of Istrian peninsula, one can discover the settlement of Premantura. In its vicinity, there is a Cape called Kamenjak, a 20-kilometer long coastal destination that features gorgeous beaches and secluded coves.

Being a natural reserve, Kamenjak charges admittance to its visitors. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a highly popular destination. Many guests are lauding the stony beach of Kolumbarica, and scuba divers don’t mind its underwater realms either. It is a world reminiscent of fables, where natural beauty meets mystical tranquility.

Take a glance at what lies beneath Kolumbarica in our image gallery below, and consider renting diving equipment during your stay in Cape Kamenjak. You are bound to have an underwater adventure of genuine beauty, and an unparalleled feeling of pleasant excitement.

Photo: Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX