The Istria Times Sinke

Croatian settlements often form cycling tracks in their vicinity, so people can enjoy the surrounding outdoors with their pedal-driven vehicles. But to some people, cozy driving paths are not enough. They want to experience rough surface and see things from different angle. With a good mountain bike, such off-course adventure provides unique pleasure.

One lover of bicycles made the following footage of cycling through Istrian landscape. His route is situated in Ucka Nature Park, on the path of Lovran town. The massive mountain is actually a geological product of Tethys, an archaic ocean which covered the area over 100 million years ago. Today, thankfully, people can use bicycles, and not submarines, to thrill in wonderful setting. A visit to Forests of Ucka is always an inspiring experience.

Back to the cycling, check out this great footage:

Don’t follow the driver’s example if you lack the needed skills of handling the bike and do invest in quality protective gear if enjoying the more adventurous modes of cycling.  Also, see more coverage of wonderful Croatian peninsula of Istria here. Have your own photos of Croatian adventures? Share them on our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to be featured on our website.