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The Croatian cuisine has been influenced by many traditions. At the same time, it managed to form its own shape, which became recognizable across the world. Fuzi pasta with rooster meat is one dish that you might want to have for your next Croatia-inspired dinner. It is associated with Istrian region, and comes from Restaurant Morgan that you can find in Brtonigla settlement. Here is what you will need to acquire and prepare, in order to enjoy its fine tastes. Oh, and in case you wish to explore Istria with a vehicle, you’ll certainly value our Croatia by Car digital app.


Fuzi Pasta

Rooster Meat

Olive oul



Fennel Plant





Fuzi Pasta with Rooster Meat Recipe

You are probably asking yourself how to make traditional fuzi pasta of Istria? It is quite easy, really.  Just press the regular pasta with a rolling pin and cut it on rhomboid shapes. Then, bend two corners and press them in the middle.  Leave in a fridge for thirty minutes, and your fuzis are ready.

Slice the rooster on larger pieces, or ask he butcher to do it instead of you. Fry it in a large pan on olive oil. Once it receives a fine red color, add carrot, celery and kohlrabi. The vegetables should not be minced, but sliced on slightly larger pieces.

Add rosemary and laurel, alongside with some salt and pepper. Cook on light flame, adding water and wine until the meat becomes soft and veggies turn into mush.   Once that happens, pour the ingredients over fuzi pasta, and enjoy your meal. But before you begin to dine, snap a photo and post it to our Facebook Wall.

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Photo: Goran Sebelic / Hanza Media