The Istria Times Sinke

There are plenty of reasons to visit Istrian Peninsula, a part of Croatia that features some of country’s most notable destinations. In addition to gorgeous inland sceneries and attractive coastal localities, Istria offers luxurious accommodations as well. A beautiful villa Tar that can be found in the settlement of the same name is a prime example. Designed by Konzola Arhitektura Company, the classy residence is situated between Istrian Towns of Porec and Novigrad.

„The owners are a young couple that had full trust in our solutions,“ said Toni Lazaric of Konzola Arhitektura. „We never had a single remark during work. Both parties were very satisfied with how things were going on as well as with the final results. “

Villa Tar provides a view of the nearby sea, and can be described as semi-atrium building.  Because of this unique design, the sun plays a vital role in residing experience. The interior is very sunny and bright, so people literally have a feeling of being in the outdoors.

As in cases of many novel Istrian residences, Villa Tar joins modern approaches with local traditions in architecture. The house is eclectically pleasant, distancing itself from kitsch through practical minimalism, yet playing on its unique features to provide originality.

The ground floor has a kitchen, living room and dining chamber. The upper floor welcomes guests in vast bedrooms.  The interior is mostly made of natural materials, one of dominant colors being the reddish tone of Istrian soil. The furniture has been newly bought from internationally recognized companies. A truly unique addition to the interior is the selection of paintings authored by owners.

The immediate outdoors include Mediterranean herbs and plants, as well as two old olive trees. Indeed, that is as Istrian as one could hope for.  Learn more about this estate on the official website of Konzola Arhitektura.

Photo: Domagoj Blazevic