The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Fashion changes as times go by, but some of its bits break the circle and become a lasting tradition on one’s soil. The unique female hats from Croatian region of Konavle are one such item. Still being worn by local residents, especially those of senior age and during important city celebrations, these head decorations are quite an attraction to foreign visitors.

Konavle region can be found southeast from beautiful Dubrovnik City. Although relatively small, it blooms with natural beauty, historical background and traditions that track their origins in the distant ages. So if visiting the Pearl of Adriatic Sea, you won’t make a mistake of having a day trip to this part of Croatia.

This traditional lady’s hat may not be practical during windy days, but it sure makes the wearers look interesting and beautiful in their own way. Who knows, maybe one day it will return as everyday feature of Konavle beauties?

Photo: Kate Becir