The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

If you are following all things Croatia, you know pretty well that there’s an issue with swimming suits in the country. Not that you aren’t allowed to wear them, of course. There’s just a problem if you wear them all the time, such as during visit of churches, museums and historical cores.  While that might be universal knowledge, some people still don’t really get it, prompting local authorities to enforce more appropriate clothing in these spaces.

However, one really can’t tell whether a group of Korean tourists, recently photographed by our media contributor Anton Hauswitschka, falls in that category. Maybe because they were so anxious to explore the ancient city of Dubrovnik, the happy family opted to exit their accommodation in pajamas.

The group has drawn a lot of attention, as both locals and foreigners wondered about the reasons for strange outfit choice. Maybe the air company lost their baggage with more appropriate clothing? Or the group was unprepared for the high temperatures that are present in the ancient city at this time? Whatever the cause, the group brought a lot of smiles.

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Photo: Anton Hauswitschka