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Don’t be tricked by the game of words in the title. While the photographed walls are really made of stone, they belong to the town of Ston.That’s why it was written “Walls of Ston(e)”. What a funny and witty way of presenting an article!

But let’s get serious from now on. History lesson: In distant past, this settlement served as a certain guardpost to Dubrovnik Republic, as the renowned city was actually a city-state of its own. As eras were quite uncertain, town officials decided to construct this gigantic defensive wall, virtually surrounding the entire area into a safety perimeter. Nicknamed „The Chinese Wall of Croats“, these ramparts today serve as a top attraction for tourists and historians.

Walls of Ston(e) were photographed by our frequent reader and contibutor Peter Schwarzinger. If you have photos of your own which you’d like to share with Like Croatia, please do so by uploading them to our Facebook Community.


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