The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Imagine yourself on this place. You slowly walk the small path through Mediterranean landscape, as the salty air enters your nostrils and refreshes your body both mentally and physically. The only sounds you can hear are distant waves of Adriatic Sea and quiet cracking of the dried leafs below your sandals. In addition to all the present beauty, you are happy knowing that upcoming evening comes with great dinner, featuring Dalmatian specialties and prime Croatian wines. Indeed, this is what walking along Lopud shores looks like.

The photo above has been sent to us by our frequent reader Eddy Michielsen. It was taken on Lopud Island, in close proximity of Dubrovnik’s Gruz Harbor. So close to this wonderful city, yet far away from is crowds, this piece of Elaphiti Archipelago features natural beauty, old ramparts, long history and very hospitable locals.

The photo was taken on locality known as Belvedere, where old Croatian Church resides since early 10th century. Interestingly, inside the structure’s walls, archeologists have found over a dozen clay vases. It is believed that old Croats wanted to increase the acoustic in the space by putting them in walls, although this cannot be confirmed.

If you find yourself walking along Lopud shores in the upcoming summer months, don’t hesitate to send a photo or two to our online community. Simply upload the images to our Facebook Wall nd earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


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