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For numerous decades, James Bond has been among the most beloved fictional characters on the global level. The classy agent of British Secret Service has saved the world many times, using a variety of technological gadgets and relating to a number of gorgeous women along the way. The upcoming movie, 25th in the franchise, will be filmed on Croatian locations.  Rumors say the set will be organized in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, which already served as scenery to film works such as Game of Thrones and Robin Hood.

Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX

From what is known at the moment, Daniel Craig will once again portray the skilful agent. This was debated as actor distanced himself from the role in a couple of his late statements. The working title of the movie is ‘Shatterhand’, and the screenplay will be based on the 1999 thriller Never Dream of Dying. Authored by Raymond Benson, who also wrote Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day and The World is Not Enough, the story follows Bond’s ties with a certain actress that lead him to a war with an underground syndicate known just as ‘The Union’.

Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX

Another known fact is that Bond’s main enemy will be blind, which will certainly lead to many interesting situations and plot tights. The filming is scheduled for next year, but fans of the popular character are already eagerly expecting his newest adventure.  Who knows, maybe you can count on being an extra, or even the double of famous agent? Rehearse your role and arrange your visit to the lovely shores of Dubrovnik.


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