Resort Sunset Beach Dubrovnik has many features that attract visitors. In addition to restaurant Kantenari, beach bar Sunset and sweet shop Madeleine the prestigious locality has opened a unique mix of pastry and pizza diner called Trattoria. One can say that Lapad valley has never been tastier.

The food offer is diverse; blending what is perceived as local standards with modern culinary approaches. Thanks to this approach, you can enjoy specialties such as mousse cake with three kinds of chocolate, pistachio cake, soufflé and Snickers or pancakes filled with Milky Way, Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher.

“We are different from other dining spots of the kind, as you can see in small details,” officials of Trattoria explained to Croatia Times. “For example, salsa that we use in pizzas is made upon a special recipe.”

Visitors can also enjoy meat and fish dishes such as burgers, octopus stews, chicken nuggets and beef tartar. Trattoria also prepares daily dishes that can be consumed as a snack or prepped as a launch package. They also offer a delivery service. Grill and pasta meals can also be found on the menu, as well as broad selection of wines, spirits and soft drinks.

The interior has a simple, minimalistic design. The space is organized in three section, these being pastry, bar and restaurant area. Ideal for family visit, Trattoria also has access to children playground and Sunset Beach amusement park.

Learn more about this attractive dining place on their offical website. If you want to visit, head to address Setaliste kralja Zvonimira 17. Working hours are between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. For an example of pricing range, a chef’s platta can be bought for 250HRK / 35 €.  It includes gurman burger, a skewed chicken drumstick, tomahawk streak, dill-spiced potatoes and those seasoned with parmesan and truffle paste. As one can see, the order can suffice for an entire table of guests.

Photo: Trattoria