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Spring chills are literally non-existent in Croatia at the moment, meaning that swimming season 2018 can officially start. Mind you, the azure waves of Adriatic are still a tad too cold for a pleasurable experience, but one can already enjoy the pleasures of being at the seaside. To many Dubrovnik locals and visitors, the weather is perfect for stay on the beach.

Swimming Season 2018

As proven by our image gallery, brought to you by photographer Tonci Plazibat, it doesn’t take much of courage to enter the Adriatic at the moment. In the upcoming weeks the weather should stabilize even further, with temperatures reaching well beyond 30 Celsius Degrees.

If you are having second thoughts about joining the swimming season 2018 in Croatia-don’t. All the signs suggest we are bound to have a great summer, leading to fantastic experiences. Visiting country in the months that follow means lots of great moments and lovely memories.

Swimming Season 2018

These pictures were taken on Banj Beach in Dubrovnik, but many more localities wait to be found by curious globetrotters. Pick up your home away from home in our Destinations Section and prepare to have your vacation expectations fulfilled.

Photo: Tonci Plazibat / Hanza Media