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Can you imagine a better swimming spot than the one photographed above? Having a swim next to Modra Spilja (Blue Cave) is certainly a unique and fascinating experience. Just observe the azure color of Adriatic Sea surrounding the person in the water. It is an enchanted spot on our planet, impossible to forget once visited.

This site can be found on the Croatian Island of Kolocep, also known as Kalamota among the local residents. It should be noted that Modra Spilja can only be reached by boat or swimming, so a certain level of exclusivity and intimacy is guaranteed.

There’s a funny thing about this Croatian island. It features a free wireless Internet network on its soil. This means that a photographed person can always take a break from having a swim next to Modra Spilja and check e-mail or browse the web from the dry safety of the boat. As a matter of fact, if in ownership of water-resisting smartphone, this can be done while being in the sea.

Although Kolocep is only five kilometers away from Dubrovnik, it is quite a different place. Being somewhat remote and isolated, it is a perfect destination for a peaceful daily excursion. Away from crowds, bars and restaurants, Kolocep is a place where one can discover relaxation and inspiration. Because of its distinctive horticultural program, the island features scents of oranges and olive trees, supported by refreshing air of Adriatic Sea.

The photo above was taken by our reader Anne- Kirsti Friele Hauan during her stay in Croatia. Once everything mentioned is taken into consideration, having a swim next to Modra Spilja is mandatory to every true fan of Croatian coast.

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