The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

The Croatian southern regions are experiencing strong rains, which leads to local flooding. Even the renowned Dubrovnik is not spared from these dire events, as the main street of its historical core ended up below the water surface. Many tourists were disappointed with Stradun being in such state, but not Zbynek Pela from Czech Republic. When confronted with the extensive flooding, this witty individual took the opportunity to swim through Dubrovnik streets. One can clearly see that nothing could challenge his happiness to be in Dubrovnik at this time.

The photo of Pela quickly became viral, and is spreading through the net as you are reading this text. And while his swimming is safe, other forms of this activity might not be. In case of extremely bad weather, it is advised to stay onshore and not get into the deep water. If you need any form of help, feel free to contact Croatian Mountain Rescue Service by dealing 112.