The grandiose Ston Walls could be described as Croatian answer to Grand Wall of China. Of course, the structure is not as long as its Chinese counterpart, yet with five kilometers in length, it is still a very impressive piece of architecture.

It all begun in 14th century, when Dubrovnik (at that time known as city-state of Ragusa), increased its influence over Peljesac Peninsula and decided to erect a defensive line on its borders.  For centuries, the Stone Walls were securing Dubrovnik’s independence, providing stable commerce and strong safety level of local populace. Today, this large structure is visited by thousands of foreign visitors, all keen to meet the witness of such a long and heroic history.

This photo of Ston Walls was recorded by our reader Petr Dandy Reeh. If you have your own photos of vacation in Croatia, and would like to share them with our online audience, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become LC’s media contributor.


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