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The famous American actor Michael Weatherly is not wasting his summer time. At the moment of writing this article, the star of NCIS Tv-Series is enjoying the lovely landscapes of Croatia’s Dalmatia region.

Weatherly recently had lunch in Pensatore, a notable restaurant on Island of Korcula. The sympathic actor gladly posed with locals, who immediately recognized him as Anthony DiNozzo, the vigilant agent of the popular crime series.

The actor has family ties to Dubrovnik, due to his wife’s family buying a house in Dubrovnik a few years ago. He already visited the grandiose city in 2017, and was greatly impressed with beauty of Srd Mountain that towers above it.

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Weatherly was also a guest of Copacabana Beach Club, one of Dubrovnik’s top buzz places, situated on the beach having the same name.

Michael is married to Bojana Jankovic, a doctor of internal medicine that traces its roots from Serbia.

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Photo: Michael Weatherly / Instagram