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Fans of romantic beaches will certainly enjoy our fan photo of the day. It shows Pasjaca beach, a gorgeous coastal site located next to Popovici village in Konvale Region of Croatia. It can be found in the far south of Croatian shore, and although Dubrovnik is relatively close, Pasjaca is usually spared from dense crowds. Another name for the destination is Konavonske Stijene (‘The Konavon Rocks’).

As one can see on the photo, the locality is characterized by pristine blue of Adriatic Sea. Just being there provides you with the feeling of awe, but once you enter the sea for a bath, the experience receives a completely new level. You are immediately embraced by refreshing water of Croatian Sea and the gentle rays of the sun above.

Tom Dubravec / CROPIX

The beach has a pebble terrain, and is reachable via a stairway constructed in rocks themselves. The height of the stairs is 250 meters, so descending through them provides a lovely view of surrounding shores. Some people find these stairs as an obstacle, as it takes effort both to reach the bottom and return to the top. However, this also adds to the seclusion of Pasjaca, as bathers often choose more reliable localities in the vicinity for their Adriatic fun.

This also influenced local infrastructure on the beach. Don’t expect to find fancy night clubs or café bars on Pasjaca. It is not that kind of the beach. However, if you are searching for a romantic spot, ideal for couples and people who detest crowds during their vacation, this might be your Adriatic dream come true.

Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX

The featured photo for this article was sent to us by our reader Sandro Music. If you have images or video clips of your time in Croatia, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

Featured Photo: Sandro Music