The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

There are many things to do while having a Croatian vacation. Yet not all content is related to summer holidays. In addition to beautiful beaches and gorgeous localities of natural and historical value, Croatia also has plenty of cultural events to offer. Theater performances of all kind are being organized in literally every part of the country, and some are even taking place in the outdoors (weather permitting).

Since Croatia became so popular in recent decades, some performances are held in English or other languages. Certain more renowned festivals have an area of stage where subtitles are being displayed in foreign tongue, allowing audiences of all background to enjoy the show. Cinema halls follow the pattern, having specified days when movies are displayed with subtitles in languages other than Croatia.

Of course, sometimes the nature of the show itself breaks the speech barrier. Whether it is a matter of vocal or musical performances, such gatherings are prime cultural delicacies for all attending people.

The photos in this article were made during performance of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by Robert Budak and Julija Kristina Stevovic, under direction of Jagos Markovic. The beautiful spectacle took place during Dubrovnik Summer Festival and was organized in Skockibuha Summer Residence. Hopefully, the images will encourage you to attend more theatricals during your vacation, especially if your destination of choice is Croatia.

Photo: Zeljko Tutnjevic / CROPIX