The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

The region of Konavle can be found in the far south of Croatia. It features rich historical background and some of the most beautiful natural sites on Adriatic coast. Having dozens of hamlets and villages, it is as picturesque as one can imagine. One hidden pearl of Konavle is also a small settlement of Kokorici, which hides the gorgeous beach called Pasjaca. Located on the bottom of a high cliff, it is not the easiest spot to reach. However, thanks to protected stairway, it is not that much of a challenge either.

The beach is secluded, spared from the tourist infrastructure which usually follows such destinations. There are no bars or stands on Pasjaca, its visitors enjoying nothing but untouched nature of raw sandy pebbles and crystal-like surface of Adriatic Sea.

The beach, however, has quite a story to tell. It was partly made by human activity. You may read about this on the site of our colleagues, The Dubrovnik Times. In any case, do consider visiting Konavle, and enjoy the beauty of Pasjaca.

Feature Photo:Ivana Smilovic