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The moment you see Croatian Villa Santo Spirito is the moment you fall in love with it. The gorgeous estate can be found on Island of Lopud, situated in southern seas of Croatian territories. With rustic design and Mediterranean vibe, it is a perfect location for every visitor’s summer seclusion.

The residence is quite old, dating from as early as 15th century. It is located on slightly elevated terrain, allowing visitors to enjoy a fantastic view of surrounding Adriatic seascape. The stone-paved walls, despite their age, have been upgraded with modern architectural touches, which do not interfere with their original design. The villa is bonding past with present in the best way possible.

The roof of Villa Santo Spirito was manually customized, while interior timbers were renovated. The entire residence numbers 140 square meters, and features large rooms and open spaces.

The story of this charming estate is not entirely Croatian in origin. As a matter of fact, its current state is the work of American architectural experts Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts. This duo of talented designers shares office in New York, from which it envisions their much-loved and recognized projects.

The tale has begun in 2009. After a series of notable business successes, Harris and Roberts acquired a large estate on Lopud Island that included several buildings. These centuries-old structures begged for renovation, promising to become valuable tourist assets in the near future. The works took entire year to finish, but the final result exceeded expectations in terms of beauty and coziness.

“Our strategy was to keep the simplicity of original shapes. We wanted to preserve the authentic vibe of an old house on Mediterranean,” Harris explained to Croatia Times source. “One has the feeling that the house was always here and never really changed its appearance.”

Check out the looks of Villa Santo Spirito in our image gallery below, and consider renting the estate via Airbnb.

Photo: Scott Frances