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The first guests have arrived. Although being unformal and unofficial, consisting of friends and owner family members, they were the ones that opened the doors of Jadran Hotel in Tucepi. The luxurious resort is the novel addition to Croatian tourist offer, owned by Bluesun Hotels and Resorts Company.  The name might sounds foreign, the leading man behind the brand is renowned Croatian entrepreneur Jako Andabak.

The word Jadran actually means „Adriatic“ in Croatian language. The resort itself existed before, but badly needed investment that would renovate its assets and modernize its approach. Thanks to Bluesun Company, about 12 million Euros were provided, transforming Jadran into a locality which will certainly attract thousands of visitors to beautiful Tucepi.

Today, Jadran is a five-star hotel, featuring 161 suites and 12 junior appartments. In the next five years, it will run under TUI Group, an international travel company headquartered in Hanover, Germany. The accommodation is envisioned to welcome guests that want authentic experience of being in Croatia, especially those who want to enjoy local delicacies.

The hotel has one rather unique feature. In distant past, it used to be the official vacation spot of secret service officials. So if you want to feel like a spy while dining freshly caught fish from the local sea, Hotel Jadran is the best place to go.

Visit the official website of Bluesun Hotels and Resorts, and book your place on Adriatic Coast.


Often heard about this Jadran Luxury Hotel. Next time i will stay at hotel.

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