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The world’s most beloved fantasy serial will end soon. A tale in which you never knew who will command a flying dragon and who will push the daisies from below is bound to be concluded. Game of Thrones Final Season has been announced, and the filming will once again take place in magnificent town of Dubrovnik.  The crew behind the project has visited Croatia in late 2017, and scheduled their work for this year’s February. From what is known at the moment, a lot of show stars is arriving to picturesque (although somewhat chilly at the moment) shores of southern Dalmatia, including Kit Harrington that plays Jon Snow.

Making Game of Thrones Real
Tonci Plazibat / Hanza Media

Dubrovnik has been one of the most frequently used destinations for filming Game of Thrones. Its renowned ramparts and old forts were perfect background to depict HBO’s fable. In some cases, the localities were enhanced with computer graphics to suit the descriptions of writer George R.R. Martin, which authored the novels upon which the series is based.  The ancient city was welcoming crew since season two.

Games of Thrones Final Season will premier in 2019, being eight in the whole series. In addition to becoming a cultural phenomenon on global scale, GoT greatly increased Croatia’s tourist buzz. According to official data, Dubrovnik was visited by quarter million of foreign visitors who came just to witness the filming localities. Several tours connecting these spots are available, as well.

The show’s popularity has also attracted productions of other notable television projects, including the likes of Robin Hood and James Bond. In addition, the locals plan to open a theme park dedicated to the series on the neighboring Island of Lokrum.

Where is The Iron Throne?

What are your expectations of Game of Thrones final season?  Which characters will live through the last page of script? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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