The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Croatia is a beautiful destination even outside its peak tourist season. Travelers across the world are visiting the country throughout entire year, finding gorgeous sites of natural and historical splendor.  One such place is definitely Sumratin Cove in the vicinity of Dubrovnik. A very pleasant place of peace and tranquility, it is commonly approached by yacht crews. That doesn’t visitors who love solid ground below their shoes will lack anything, though.

Sumratin had a complete renovation a few years ago, having an updated infrastructure and arranged beaches. It has several spots on which you can dine local specialties, or just sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the unique surroundings. Those who like physical activity can use the local sport terrains. With plenty of content and things to enjoy, Sumratin may be the place to be on your Croatian adventures.

Check  out Sumratin gallery below, and find more similar spots thanks to our handy Croatia by Car app.

Photo: Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX