The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Secluded on the cliffs that oversee Dubrovnik and its surrounding waters, Villa Bellavista is a spectacular residence with no less than six rooms. Having a special design, it bonds the tradition of local architecture with modern approach to living. It is an old Dubrovnik estate that actually has the status of cultural heritage.

The panoramic view is merely one of the assets visitors can enjoy. Being situated almost next to the Adriatic Sea, the inhabitants are awakening every morning with sounds of waves. During sunny days, they might want to spend the entire day on a beautiful terrace, or just roam the local garden areas that number about 8000 square meters.

Villa Bellavista is, without question, a place where you can spend a luxurious and fulfilling retreat. It is among the best spots to vacate in Dubrovnik, and might provide you with the holiday of your dreams.

Learn more by visiting the villa’s official website, and check out our image gallery below, courtesy of the residence’s owners.