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In recent years, tourist interest for enjoyments of Malostonski Bay has skyrocketed. There are many reasons for such phenomena, as the site is really a fantastic place for an excursion.

The bay can be found on the very end of Neretva channel, and is surrounded by romantic settlements of Zaton Dol and Mali Ston. In 14th century, the area belonged to Republic of Ragusa, a former city-state which we know today as Dubrovnik. Due to constant threat of Venetian and Turkish invasions, the locals have constructed a very complex and efficient defensive grid. It involves more than 5 kilometers of thick walls, with 40 forts and 7 guard posts. Because of the grandiose size, these ramparts of Ston are nicknamed “European Chinese Wall”.

Malostonski Bay3

But these marvels of Ragusa architecture are not the only enjoyments of Malostonski Bay. The valley of Mali Ston has 28 kilometers in length, with coastline measuring three times that size. This is a perfect terrain for an excursion with a ship, as the one pictured on the photograph above.

The water of Malostonski Bay is under influence of coastal terrain, salt water from the open sea, and sweet water sources which exist on the bottom. Such unique ecosystem makes Malostonski a perfect locality for breeding oysters. Their harvesting has been practiced even by old Romans in times of Antiquity. The fact that you can consume a fresh oyster, picked directly from the Bay’s bottom only a few seconds ago, is a sole reason why some people trip to these Croatian areas.


With so many ways of participating in the enjoyments of Malostonski Bay, it is not strange that it received a status of underwater nature reserve. So, next time you schedule your arrival to far south of Croatia, consider adding this place to your trip. It will surely add to your experience.


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