The Dubrovnik Times Sinke

Settled between historical core of Dubrovnik and renowned beach of Dance, Villa Mediteran quietly waits for its next visitor. Built in the first half of 20th century, this charming estate assures luxury from the first glance, providing a gorgeous view of old city and impressive Lovrijenac Fort. The large residence is surrounded with Mediterranean vegetation, and built from local stone.

Featuring 400 square meters in size, with large terraces and beautiful living room, Villa Mediteran is exceptional accommodation on every level. Interestingly, when it was constructed, it was among the rare Dubrovnik buildings that were centrally heated by coal.

Those who opt to stay in this fable-like place can enjoy five sleeping rooms, each having its own bathroom. One can also easily recreate, thanks to private gym, sauna and massage tube that are available. Up to twelve guests can be accommodated, feeling as if being a noble of Ragusa Republic. Although cherishing tradition, the villa comes with wireless internet coverage and several high-tech televisions- all of them having access to international channels.

One part of interior furniture descends from old Dubrovnik homes, while the other has been acquired from Spain. The choice was not coincidental, as the two cultures share a lot of pages in history book. For example, Dubrovnik fleet joined Spanish armada in Battle of Lepanto, where they defeated Ottoman vessels in 1571.  Soon afterwards, sailors of Dubrovnik became a part of Holy League that was securing European Mediterranean.  Their duty was to navigate the so-called ‘treasure ship’, a vessel that was serving as a mobile bank to the fleet.

Planning a stay in Dubrovnik? Villa Mediteran could be a very classy choice of your accommodation, providing you with unique experience on Croatian coast. Check out our image gallery below, and feel free to visit the residence’s official website for booking options.

Photo: Villa Mediteran Dubrovnik