There are many reasons why Croatian city of Dubrovnik became so popular on global scale. With ramparts reminiscent of fable scenery, it became a filming set to many renowned television series, Game of Thrones included. Here are eleven things you don’t know about Dubrovnik, and which might actually surprise you.

1) Visited by King

Chroniclers from England record that Anglo-Norman King Richard the Lionheart came to Dubrovnik in the autumn of 1192 after returning from the Crusades. He found shelter from storm near the island of Lokrum.

2) Medieval Sewers

In 1296, the Dubrovnik Republic made one of the first medieval sewage systems, which is still being used today.

3) Having Old Medical Experts

The pharmacy in the Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery, which has been in continuous operation since 1317 until today, is the third oldest of its kind in Europe.

Pleasant Evening of Stradun Street

4) Developed Health Awareness

The first quarantine in the world was set up in Dubrovnik in 1377. For those unaware, quarantine is a place where persons arriving from areas struck by infectious diseases are separated until they are proven healthy.

5) Historical Symbol of Freedom

Dubrovnik adopted a regulation on slavery abolition and prohibition of slave transportation on 27 January 1416, which is the first instance of slavery abolition in Europe.

6) The First Orphanage

An orphanage founded in 1432 as part of St. Claire’s Monastery is one of the first of its kind in the world.

Odak Villa Dubrovnik

7) Early Merchant Regulations

Dubrovnik’s Maritime Insurance Law (“Ordo super assecuratoribus”, 1568) is the oldest such law in the world.

8) Influenced William Shakespeare

In William Shakespeare’s, “The Merchant of Venice “and” Taming of the Shrew” you will find the term “argosy”, meaning “Dubrovnik boat”.

9) Jefferson’s Allies

Dubrovnik Republic was the first country in the world that recognized the United States. This was in 1783.

10) Loved by Poets and Artists

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said: “Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik.”

11) The Charm Of Ombla

With its mere 30m length, Dubrovnik’s Ombla River is one of the world’s shortest rivers.

Here we noted just eleven things you don’t know about Dubrovnik, but more surprising facts wait to be learned. Check out our guide for additional information on this former city-state and one of the unofficial symbols of Croatia.

Author: Milena Budimir / The Dubrovnik Times


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