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To have a tasty meal next to pristine waters, that is an experience many people in modern world merely dream about. Yet this is precisely what one can enjoy in the relaxing coastal outdoors of Sipan Island. Located in the southern waters of Croatian Sea, this Mediterranean retreat has a rather welcoming dining spot called Bowa.

How to describe this restaurant, in addition to already impressive set of photographs? The fish you might want to order is as fresh as it can be, caught in the local waters and prepared in the ways of old Dubrovnik people. Sometimes, you may even see how hard-working fishermen are dispatching their catch in the nets to kitchen staff. Bowa also serves meat, acquired from local farms, which also supply the restaurant with fresh vegetables. Everything is as ecological as it could possibly be.

The owners note that Bowa tenders the tradition of local cuisine, but is not stuck in time. Expect some quite imaginative surprises on the menu, especially in the final phases. We recommend you try home-made pasta dishes, which gained quite popularity, as well as warm inkfish orzetto and tuna in chilly, capers and wine sauce.

Finally, the working hours during summertime are extended, and if you come via sea, your vessel will have a secure bay. That being said, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t reach Pakljena Street 3 and enjoy Sipan time. Feel free to reserve your seat on the mobile 091 6366111.

Check out more images of Bowa in our gallery below.

Peter Colvin

Hi, We will be staying in old Town Dubrovnik and wondered if you could tell me the best way to get to your restaurant as we don’t have a boat.


Hi, Peter.

We do not represent the restaurant, but feel free to contact Bowa Crew on mobile provided in the article. You may also approach them through official website.

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